The Hive Box - About

The Hive Box started because of conversations like this: 

"Man, I just love beeswax candles. Did you know they actually purify the air?"

"Isn't this honey delicious? Did you know it takes pollen from two million flowers to make a pound of honey?"

"Wow. Bees are amazing creatures!"

We - My brother and I - saw the opportunity to share delicious, unique bee products with the world and help support sustainable apiaries, small businesses, artisans, and makers. 

Now, it's turned into a family affair. Little did we know our Mom would be our #1 customer! 

In the bigger picture, one can't be around for very long before learning how absolutely central bees are to sustaining life on this planet. Honeybees, while not native to North America, have become a part of our lives as they share with us the fruits of their labors. Now, honeybee colonies, native bee populations and all pollinators are facing hard times, and we have it in our power to help make it better and ease their burden.

A small, impactful way to start is by supporting the small businesses and artisans who thoughtfully and respectfully partner with honeybees to make their products.

It's for this reason we started The Hive Box and why we are so excited to bring you delightful bee-friendly products that are produced with care and attention. And we want to keep our Mom happy, too. 


We hope you are delighted and find gifts and products to "bee" inspired. 

Megan & Aaron

Want to reach out? Have feedback or want to work with us, or be featured in a monthly box? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected]

Need more reasons to sign up?

Each monthly Hive Box contains 4-5 bee-based items, ranging from raw honey, beeswax candles, beeswax-based skincare products, and bee-themed paper or home decor. Oh, and candy. We love honey candy!

Our Hive Box Mini features three items: raw honey, a beeswax candle, and an extra surprise bee goodie. It's a smaller box for those who want a little less...and these make great gifts, too!

We search for artisans making top-quality goods - we're one small business supporting other small businesses, all of us supporting bees.